Energy Body Work

CRD Healing Therapies offers 90 minute Energy Body Work sessions that stimulate change in your unconscious self and your energy fields to bring the body into total alignment resulting in better health and harmony.

Studies have shown that energy-based therapies help to decrease anxiety, depression, fatigue, and enhance moods. The work promotes health and wellness through a holistic approach that embraces all aspects of the individual including the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. This is accomplished by removing energetic blockages from the body. Dense, old, and stagnant energies get cleared on many levels (cellular, body, and soul).

Before a client comes for a session, I meditate for information pertaining to the areas of the client’s body that require attention. Messages are received regarding what energies and fears are trapped in the body and ready for release. Based on the information received, I design an intuitive blend of healing modalities to be used during the session. The modalities used include reiki, tuning forks, crystals, stones and dowsing.

At the beginning of a session, I discuss my findings through my meditation work with the client and the areas of the body that require healing and clearing attention. As part of the discussion, I identify what emotions or fears the client is holding in specific areas of the body that are ready to be released. Then I clear any negative energy attached to the client’s auric field. The client then lies on the massage table for the clearing and healing work to begin.

During a session, clients can experience feelings of tingling throughout their body, sensations of warmth or heat, coolness or cold, deep relaxation sometimes to the point of falling asleep, a silent and peaceful mind or, conversely, a rushing of thoughts or images through the mind. Sometimes when something is shifting or moving, a person may feel a rise in tension, discomfort or an increase in pain in the area where healing is happening. This is usually temporary. The experience is all part of the healing process. The more clients let whatever happens to simply flow, the more intuitive and spontaneous insights will rise up for them during or after a session.

At the end of the session, I suggest actions clients can take to integrate the healing work into their life in such a way as to allow clients to act and choose new paths in moving forward.